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I am almost graduating...
What now?

Registration Process

3 weeks or more before graduation, speak with your college’s office to see if you can get your degree expedited [graduated transcript can be updated before everyone else]

    1.    Order your CPA exam books before graduating to get them delivered earlier

    2.    For billing, your future employer will usually provide you with an agreement form to fill out. This is provided to the company who                  offers the CPA Review course (e.g. Wiley), and students receive a code to use register without paying.

    3.    If your firm covers Flash Cards as part of your package, order these as well, they are incredibly helpful.


Tip: When registering for the course, make sure to plan when you will start studying. For example, once you sign up for Wiley, your
24-month clock begins the day you sign up, limited to 18 months from the day the software is downloaded – whichever comes first. Do not click the link to download the software until you are ready to study. This way your 18 months overlap with the 18 months you have to pass the exam. Don’t waste any time, as the materials can be ordered six months in advance.

And there is more...

State CPA Registration Process (see )

  1. Register to create an account with the CBA one month or more before graduating 

  2. About two weeks after graduation when your grades are posted, your major department and college will verify your degree. It may take up to a month for the school to process your transcript. (Speak with your specific college at UCSD i.e ERC)

  3. Once your academic history states your degree has been awarded and you have a conferred transcript. Notify the REGISTRAR office to send your transcript to the CBA, which may take within a week.

  4. Once the school notifies you your transcript has been sent, submit and mail in your CBA application along with the $100 fee.

  5. Don’t be afraid to call the CBA or go on your online account to check the status of your application after your submission.

  6. Once the CBA has received your transcript and application, it may take up to 8 weeks to process your application

  7. When you are approved, you will select and pay for your first exam slot

  8. It will then take NASBA 5-7 days to provide you with a payment coupon to officially pay for the exam. You should schedule/pay for multiple exams at once (i.e 2 exams per application)

  9. You will then receive a “notice to schedule” and can start scheduling exams on Prometric after a 24 hour wait period

  10. Do a dry run - go visit the exam location so you will be familiar with area/procedures during actual test day

  11. Some CPA Educational Companies will provide 2 week trials, so you can test your study schedule and know when to start

  12. If you fail an exam, you cannot take the same exam in the same testing window

  13. You can take a CA CPA Exam in other states i.e Georgia if you happen to be there (but make sure you are taking the CA version)

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