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Foggy Mountains

Meet the Team

We are the UAS Executive Board 2022-2023. We have many exciting events planned for the upcoming academic year and hope to see you join us for a year of learning, growth, and new opportunities. We look forward to meeting all of you!

composite 21-22 - Kimberly Tom.jpg

Kimberly Tom


822BB873-7926-4758-B700-4EA2B949BBD6 - Jie Deng.jpeg

Deng Jie

VP Marketing


Macy Fu

VP Marketing

IMG_2295 - Katie Yang.JPG

Katie Yang

SVP External

LinkedIn pic - Carolyn Lee-1.png

Carolyn Lee

SVP Internal

Picture - Charlie Ji.jpg

Charlie Ji

VP Corporate Relations

WechatIMG1009 - Yu-ru Ho.jpeg
Photo - Mikey Chiang.jpg

Mikey Chiang

VP Professional Development

E6CE751F-8539-4980-8189-86409E1B9252 - Sophia Liang.jpeg

Sophia Liang

VP Membership

Wade Rain House.jpg

Wade Lindenberger

Community Advisor

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