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Alumni Testimonials

Our alumni have helped us grow into the accounting society we are today. Our distinguished alumni have been through the recruiting process and are now leaders in their respective industries. They are the ultimate resource for students who seek personified advice and organization has helped them develop professional skills and stand out during the recruiting process.

Sam Distaso
Class of 2011 – Social Chair
Deloitte – Assurance Associate

"Being involved with UAS gave me the perfect opportunity to both hone my networking skills with other accounting professionals as well as learn the true ins-and-outs of how to transition from college into the workforce. With the help of UAS, I found myself positioned with multiple Big Four offers, even within a new accounting program at UCSD."

Jeff Hahn
Class of 2013 – VP of Corporate Relations
McGladrey LLP – Assurance Associate

"UAS was invaluable towards my growth as a professional. Working with an organization that was young and not very well-established at the time forced me to go outside of my comfort zone, and helped me to tap into a person within me I never thought I had. Don't be the regular student who waits for things to come to them. It is ultimately the students who put themselves out there and make strong connections who become successful. There is a saying that when you fall down seven times, stand up 8. I came close, but I only got rejected from 5 firms I interviewed for during my first recruiting cycle. However, don't be discouraged when you do. Persevere until you reach your goal, and can one day look back and be proud of all that you've worked for. In the end, not only was I able to complete 6 internships and receive a job offer in Audit from McGladrey LLP, but I was also able to set a firm foundation of connections for UAS and fellow UCSD students to build upon."

Ada Li
Class of 2013 – Senior VP
BDO USA, LLP – Tax Staff

"What I've learned from my experiences with UAS is that whenever you fail, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. When I got rejected for an accounting internship in my Junior year, I learned from my mistakes and got more involved with UAS to help me secure a full time offer during my Senior year's recruitment process. I was able to gain an upper-hand when networking with recruiters and professionals because I am actively involved in the only accounting society on campus. I started out as a fundraising committee member, then promoted to Fundraising Chair, and finally obtained the position of Senior Vice President. At each step, my responsibilities and the time I dedicated to the society grew, but the reward was incredible. In addition, I was surrounded with high-achieving students who were also pursuing internships and full-time positions at the best accounting firms, and it motivated me even more to do the same. UAS was not just something on my resume to show off to recruiters or interviewers. The networking practices and professional skills I gained from UAS allowed me to be brave enough to get contacts and reach out to professionals from various prestigious firms. Choosing to be a part of UAS was one of the best decisions I have made in my UCSD career."

John Concillo
Class of 2012 – Co-President
Ernst and Young – IT Risk & Assurance Staff

"UAS helped developed my leadership and management skills as the president of UAS. By being involved with the society, I learned more about the accounting profession than from the accounting minor and most importantly, helped me network with professionals from various firms in San Diego. In essence, this organization gave me the opportunity to start my career off the way I wanted it to."

Sam Kim
Class of 2012 – VP of Finance
Avanade – IT Consultant

"Being involved in UAS taught me many things that I would not have learned otherwise. Even though I'm currently in consulting and not in accounting, UAS was crucial to how I got to where I am now. I was able to develop relationships with many established professionals and learned the importance of networking."

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