Joining a committee is the best way to get involved in the tight-knit UAS team. Committee members have the opportunity to work closely with their respective VPs on various tasks, and get an inside look at the planning and execution of UAS events. We encourage committee members to attend executive board meetings, as serving on a committee is a fantastic way to gain develop skills and prepare yourself to run for future VP positions with UAS.

Application due November 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Corporate Relations Committee led by Calvin Le


Hey there, aspiring accountants! Want an opportunity to showcase your networking skills in real-life situations to better the accounting community at UCSD? If you answered yes, then come and join UAS's Corporate Relations Committee where you get the chance to maintain cordial relations with existing firms and sponsors within our network. In addition, through emailing and face to face interactions, you will also be responsible for establishing new relationships to ensure our members can take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to enter the accounting field.

Number of members: 2-3

Specific Question: How do you see the role of Corporate Relations in the greater organisation as a whole? What can the Corporate Relations Committee do to maintiain good relations with existing firms and attract new firms?


Marketing Committee led by Jess Li


Promote UAS events and the accounting profession through tabling, classroom talks, flyer distribution, and social media. Inform UAS members about upcoming opportunities and events through Facebook and email blasts.

Number of members: 2

Specific Question: What improvements can be made to UAS's current marketing system? How can we attract better turnout to events among both UAS members and non-UAS students?


Membership Committee led by Eric Luong


Do you like having fun? Do you like making events allowing people to have fun? If so, consider joining the membership committee. We are the ones in charge of creating and running social events for the club and allowing our members to relax and grow closer with each other. Our main goal is to build a community within UAS where people feel comfortable talking and hanging out with each other outside of professional events. Creativity is a required quality as you will be assisting and hopefully creating your own socials.

Number of members: 2

Specific Question: Please describe 3 potential membership events and how you would go about planning them.


Philanthropy Committee led by Jimmy Shao


Philanthropy committee works to embrace social responsibility and demonstrate the spirit of pro bono. Through initiating or participating in different types of volunteer work, from helping nature and animals to serving our communities, we live and act by our value of making an impact. If you are an aspiring accounting student who would like to see a difference, please submit your application for the Philanthropy committee, where we strive together to deliver solutions.

Number of members: 1-2

Specific Question: Please describe 2 potential philanthropy events and how you would go about planning them.


Senior Vice President Committee led by Grace Qian and Winston Wong


You will be in charge of helping the Senior Vice Presidents (both Internal and External), Winston and Grace, with their tasks as needed. This role is one that requires flexibility, time management, organisational skills, and essentially all the skills to make an organisation run successfully. There will be times where there is no work and other times where you are expected to complete a huge list of tasks within a short time frame. This role is not for evernone due to its potentially time-demanding and time-sensitive nature. Active communication skills are an absolute must. This role may be difficult, but will also be rewarding. An excellent opportunity to learn more about hte organisation from a variety of perspectives - it is almost like being on wafers single committee!

Number of members: 0-1 (Please take this into consideration if applying for SVP Committee, as there may be a chance we do not take anyone)

Specific Question: What will you be able to contribute? What are you looking to get out of this experience? Tell me about a time when you had to manage a time-sensitive assignment.




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