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Thanks everyone for your contribution to the BLM Fundraising!

We, as United Accounting Society at UCSD, collectively raised $690 over the past few weeks.

Fundraising activities are all done via Venmo. For the convenience of donation, we transferred the fund to our UAS bank account, and the total available donation amount is $680 after the service charge.


Around $136 amount can be evenly donated to each of the five organizations. But due to their different donation processes i.e. some charge for 10% service fee and some only receive fixed donation amount like $100 and $200, we tried our best to average all of these donation amounts. Here are the details and receipts:

Trans Women of Color Collective

We donated $100 to them as they have a few fifixed amount to choose for donation.

Marsha P. Johnson Institute

We donated $136 to them plus $6.96 processing fee. A total donation amount of $142.96 is made.

Black Queer & Intersectional Collective

We donated $136 to them.

DeDe McClure Memorial Community Fund

We donated $150 to them plus $15 tips via GoFundMe. A total donation amount of $165 is made.

The Bail Project

We donated $136 to them.

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